Luncheon Panels

Wednesday 1 December 2004 • 12:15 - 13:45
The Future of Telecom R&D

Organizer & Moderator: Robert W. Lucky, Retired CTO, Telcordia
Fred Chang, Department of Computer Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin
Jeff Jaffe, President Bell Labs Research and Advanced Technologies for Lucent Technologies
Niel Ransom, Chief Technology Officer, Alcatel
Panel Description:
Twenty years ago much of telecom research revolved around the existence of the Bell Telephone Laboratories and the license contract agreement that funded research from the revenues of the Bell System monopoly. Today the research environment is profoundly different. The industry is now horizontally structured, highly competitive, and global. Research in the industry has fallen on the shoulders of the equipment vendors, who have been forced to cut back on basic research as their profitability has come under intense pressure. Consequently, most research today is being done at universities, and much of this research is being driven by government funding priorities. The panel will discuss the shortcomings and implications of this evolving landscape and what they see happening in the near future. Who will do research, and what will be the vision that drives this research?

Thursday 2 December 2004 • 12:15 – 13:45
The Recovery of the Telecom Business

Organizer & Moderator: Rajiv R. Shah, Vice President of Research & Network Strategy, Alcatel
Adam T. Drobot, Corporate Vice President, Applied Research, Telcordia Technologies, USA
David Perkins, Senior Vice President, Networking & Computing Systems Group, Freescale Semiconductor, USA
Sanghoon Lee, Executive Vice President. Korea Telecom, Korea
Steven Gray, Vice President and Head of Nokia Research Center US, Nokia, USA
Panel Description:
Global communications industry players have laid the groundwork and are deploying new services and applications to meet the emerging market opportunities, which will hopefully lead to a "Telecom Recovery." Players have positioned their organizations for revenue growth and increased operating efficiency, and to support the next wave of winning applications. The communications industry is racing to deploy and market broadband capabilities and services. All players seek to position their organizations to capture their share of mass-market broadband growth. Broadband is clearly driving the current "Telecom Recovery" as companies are looking to ride the wave of growth in their broadband services and network infrastructures. Carriers and enterprise users are also seeking to deploy more efficient IP and packet-based architectures and services to improve bottom-line results and grow productivity. New service opportunities, such as VoIP, are emerging, but the need is to not sacrifice levels of service quality and network reliability.

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