Fiber Access PON Systems

Wednesday, 1 December 2004 • 8:30 – 10:00

Milton Johnson, Optical Solutions Inc., USA
Abstract: Fiber Access PON Systems
Passive Optical Networks (PON) systems are poised to provide low cost and reliable subscriber services. These systems generally rely on a passive outside optical plant to minimize the cost and improve the reliability of the path between the central office and the subscriber. PON systems today provide PSTN, Internet, and Video services to an increasing number of subscribers. This session will focus on PON system services, economics, and deployment scenarios, as well as management and business trends for PON installations.

Bio: Milton Johnson has been working in the Telecommunications Industry for over 12 years. He has accomplished various roles including hardware and software design, system architecture as well as quality and international homologation positions. He has been involved in the FSAN PON market for over 4 years. Milton has held design and development management positions for Digi International, responsible for Telecommunications interfaces for PC based business servers including ISDN, Frame Relay and X.25 products. As system architect for Optical Solutions market leading FiberPath system he is an industry expert on PON system architecture for delivery of triple play services.

Speaker: John Schultz
, FTTH Communications, USA

John is an 18 year veteran of the Telecommunications Industry with various roles in Operations, Engineering, Product Management and Executive management. John held positions with Sprint, HickoryTech and Seren Innovations before joining FTTH Communications. In John's current role he is responsible for all Engineering, Operational and Strategic Planning for FTTH Communications, a developer owned Integrated Communications Provider in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area. FTTH Communications also provides wholesale video services in the upper Midwest. John has received both a Bachelor's of Science and Master of Sciences in Telecommunications from St. Mary's University.  

Talk Title: The Case for Triple Play Services
Abstract: This presentation will discuss the business case for delivery of triple play services in a competitive market. FTTH Communications is a competitive Integrated Communications provider using GPON and IPTV to provide triple play services to residential developments. The market dynamics, business challenges and success story will be discussed. The lessons learned from deploying one of the first GPON access networks in the country will be presented.
Speaker: Mark Klimek, Alcatel, USA

Bio: Mark Klimek
, Senior Director of Business Development
Mark Klimek is responsible for business development activities for Alcatel's Access Networking Division, focusing on next generation access technologies and broadband services, including the Alcatel 7340 Fiber-to-the-User platform. He has more than 18 years of experience in the telecommunications industry with Alcatel, DSC Communications, Sprint International, and Digital Access, working in the areas of R&D, product management, business development and marketing. In his current role he provides strategic guidance to many groups and executives within Alcatel, supports regional marketing and sales efforts and communicates Alcatel's positioning to external audiences.
Mark has been actively engaged in the emerging FTTP market for several years, promoting the technology and applications. He was a founder of the Fiber-to-the-Home Council which was started to promote and accelerate FTTH deployments. He has also contributed to the Full Service Access Networks (FSAN) organization to continue standards development. He has participated in and been a speaker at several forums discussing fiber-to-the-X technologies and deployment strategies, and has been issued patents on packet switching architectures. Mark completed a BS in Electrical Engineering at the University of Pennsylvania, and an MBA with a focus in marketing at Virginia Polytechnic University.

Talk Title: BPON, GPON, EPON; A Comparative Overview

Speaker: Niket Jindal
, Freescale, USA

Bio: Niket Jindal
is marketing manager for the Application-Specific Product Operation within Freescale's Networking & Computing Systems Group. Based in Freescale's Chandler, Arizona, facility, Niket is responsible for the global marketing of the company's semi-custom ASIC solutions, as well as broadband passive optical networking (BPON) integrated circuit products for optical network termination applications.

Talk Title: PON
Abstract: As the roll-out of passive optical networking accelerates, various PON standards and specifications are in the process of being defined by leading standards organizations, such as the International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunication Standardization Sector (ITU-T) and the Full-Service Access Network (FSAN) consortium. Having multiple semiconductor suppliers, equipment makers, service providers and governmental entities join together and agree on a single standard, such as the ITU-T G.983 specification for B-PON, will help ensure system-level interoperability within passive optical networks, thus easing the widespread deployment of PON. With this presentation, Niket Jindal will explore current and emerging PON standards, including B-PON, G-PON and E-PON, and their impact on PON deployment in key global markets.