Security Evolution for the Telecom Infrastructure

Tuesday, 30 November 2004 • 16:00 – 17:30

Francois Cosquer, Alcatel, Canada
Abstract: Security Evolution for the Telecom Infrastructure
This session brings together technology officers and executives from leading telecom manufacturing companies who will share views on industry progress, challenges and concerns surrounding security of the telecom infrastructure and services. The session will highlight key technologies and best practices employed to protect critical services from affect of denial of service attacks, worms and viruses.

Bio: Francois Cosquer is Director Security Research for Alcatel. Based in Ottawa, he currently leads the Alcatel Security Competence Center. He represents Alcatel North America on the cross industry ATIS TOPS council focused on Network Security standards. Francois has been guest speaker at USTA Telecom, Supercomm and VON discussing challenges and solutions to securing next generation IP-based Networks.

Speaker: Ross Callon, Juniper Networks, USA

Bio: Ross Callon
is a distinguished engineer in the protocols group at Juniper Networks and has extensive experience in router and routing protocol design. He is co-chair of the IETF l3vpn working group, and is coauthor of the VPN Security Framework. He also was chair of recent IETF BOFs on Operational Security Requirements for IP Network Infrastructure, and has participated in efforts to advise the White House on network security. He has authored or contributed toward VPN, MPLS, PNNI, IPv6, IS-IS and CLNP networking standards.

Talk Title: Securing the Router Infrastructure
This talk will present methods for ensuring the security of the router infrastructure which forms the core of data networks. We will present examples of attacks, and of operational problems which can occur as side effects of attacks. We will then outline technologies and best practices which protect against these attacks and prevent associated operational problems.

Will Chorley, SBC Laboratories Inc., USA

Will Chorley is a member of the Technical Staff at SBC Laboratories with responsibilities in the area of network security. His current focus is security relating to the introduction of VoIP services. Prior to his involvement in network security he has extensive experience in areas of network management, AIN services, and distributed computing technology. He represents SBC Labs' on the ATIS Security Focus group and the ATIS (T1S1) Security Subcommittee.

Talk Title: IP Network Security - a Telecommunication Service Provider's Perspective
Abstract: As we move from a traditional TDM based telecommunication network to an IP based environment we are faced with many security challenges that are not present in today's PSTN. IP telephony, and, indeed, any "Media over IP" technology inherits all the vulnerabilities of the IP world and, in addition, brings a number of unique areas of concern. This talk will highlight the contrasts between the TDM and IP telecommunications contexts, and identify many of the vulnerabilities to which services are exposed. Proposals for mitigating some of the vulnerabilities will be presented together with a review of some of the standards activities that are addressing security issues.

Speaker: Peter Szor
, Symantec Corporation. USA

Bio: Peter Szor
is a chief researcher at Symantec Corporation. He conducts research on computer viruses and security since 1990. He authored over 70 articles and papers on the subject. He is the author of the upcoming book The Art of Computer Virus Research And Defense for Addison-Wesley.

Talk Title: Worm Attacks and Defenses
Abstract: In this talk I will discuss worm attacks and defense strategies. I will illustrate computer worm attacks with examples. Then I will outline defense systems against high profile worm attacks. Finally, I will discuss the new threats against smart phones and PDAs.