Friday 3 December 2004 • 13:30 – 17:00 • Room: Reunion C
W05: High-Performance Global Grid Networks

The workshop will focus on the use of novel optical networking concepts that support future global Grid computing applications.

It is now evident to the technical community that local computational resources cannot keep up with the demands generated by some users/applications. Therefore, distributed computing and the concept of a computational Grid are now emerging. Novel network concepts are needed to support such vision and high speed optical networking may be the required infrastructure that will enable global Grids. Optical networks have the potential to support a large portion of Grid networking infrastructures since they offer bandwidth manipulation at the wavelength (wavelength switching) and sub-wavelength level (optical packet and burst switching) supporting not only high service granularity but also the capability to accommodate a wide variety of traffic characteristics. Research on novel optical switching paradigms (such as Optical Burst Switching - OBS) has recently emerged but the technology will not see any boost if there is no proper application space. We believe that the design of new optical network concepts (including OBS) should be linked to the demands of the real emerging applications.
The workshop will try to identify the features and properties of Grid networks and the characteristics of a suitable network infrastructure.

  • Photonic Grid network characteristics: functional requirements,
    network architecture, transport protocols, etc.
  • Standardization activities on Photonic Grids
  • Control, management & signaling for optical Grid networks.
  • Experimental showcases

W05-1: Welcome & Introduction
I. Tomkos (Athens Information Technology Center, Greece)

W05-2: Optical Networking for Grid Services
Dimitra Simeonidou, Reza Nejabati (University of Essex, UK)

W05-3: Radio Astronomy Applications Motivating the Use of Global Grids
R. E. Spencer(University of Manchester, UK)

W05-4: An OBS-based Grid Architecture
M. De Leenheer, E. Van Breusegem, P. Thysebaert, B. Volckaert, F. De Turck, B. Dhoedt, P. Demeester (Ghent University, Belgium); D. Simeonidou, M. J. O’Mahoney, R. Nejabati (Essex University, UK); A. Tzanakaki, I. Tomkos (AIT, Greece)

W05-5: Web Services for User Controlled Integration of Optical Internet and Research Instrumentation to Build Cyber-Infrastructure
Bill St. Arnaud (Canarie, Inc., Canada)

W05-6: A Grid Oriented Lightpath Provisioning System
Jing Wu, Hanxi Zhang, Scott Campbell, Michel Savoie (Communications Research Centre Canada, Canada); Gregor v. Bochmann (University of Ottawa, Canada); Bill St. Arnaud (Canarie Inc., Canada)

W05-7: DWDM-RAM: An Architecture for Data Intensive Services Enabled by Next Generation Dynamic Optical Networks
D. B. Hoang (University of Technology, Sydney, Australia); T. Lavian, I. Monga, H. Cohen, D. Cutrell, F. Travostino (Nortel Networks Labs, USA); S. Figueira, J. S. Naiksatam (Santa Clara University, USA); J. Mambretti (Northwestern University, USA)

W05-8: National LamdaRail
Debbie Montan (National LamdaRail, USA)

W05-9: High Performance Networking Group - GGF Activities
Franco Travostino (Nortel Networks, USA)

I. Tomkos,
Athens Information Technology Center, Greece
D. Simeonidou, University of Essex, UK
Anna Tzanakakir, Athens Information Technology Center, Greece