Friday 3 December 2004 • 8:30 – 17:00 • Room: Reunion E
W06: Adaptive Wireless Networks

Wireless network characteristics inherently vary in time and space. Therefore it is imperative that wireless protocols and algorithms adapt themselves to these changes in order to maximize performance. For example, there are ongoing efforts in improving data rates via adaptive modulation and coding in WCDMA and other next generation wireless standards. Higher mobile speeds and data rates, support for multimedia applications, battery power constraint, location dependent security, real-time access of mobile databases and other factors add to the challenges in designing adaptive wireless networks. Moreover, opportunities for adaptive wireless networking exist in several layers of the protocol stack. Adapting the protocols in individual layers and across layers to suit user traffic, channel state, congestion, security requirement, real-time constraint etc. is a big challenge being addressed by both industry and academia. The intent of this workshop is to present and discuss practical adaptive and real-time algorithms/protocols for wireless networks.

Keynote Speaker:
Taieb Znati, National Science Foundation, Univ. of Pittsburgh, USA

W06-08: A Reverse Link Power Control Algorithm Based on Game Theory for Multi-cell Wireless Data Networks
W. Teerapabkajorndet, P. Krishnamurthy (University of Pittsburgh, USA)

W06-01: A Simplified Generic Optimum Power Control Scheme for CDMA Cellular Systems
Jad Nasreddine, Xavier Lagrange (ENST de Bretagne, France)

W06-02: Energy Aware Routing Protocol (EARP) for Ad Hoc Wireless Sensor Networks
Raminder P. Mann, Kamesh Namuduri, Ravi Pendse (Wichita State University, USA)

W06-14: Achieving Proportional Degradation Areas for Wireless Adaptive Multimedia Networks
Yang Xiao, Haizhon Li (University of Memphis, USA); C. L. Philip Chen (The University of Texas, USA); Bin Wang (Wright State University, USA); Yi Pan (Georgia State University, USA)

W06-03: An Efficient Error Resilient Technique for Applications of One-Way Video Using Transcoding and Analysis by Synthesis
Seong Hwan Jang, Nikil Jayant (Georgia Institute of Technology, USA)

W06-04: Improving H.264 Real-Time Streaming in MANETs through Adaptive Multipath Routing Techniques
Carlos T. Calafate, Manuel P. Malumbres, Pietro Manzoni (Polytechnic University of Valencia, Spain)

W06-05: New Design Strategy of Dynamic Security Implementation
Hamdy S. Soliman, Mohammed Omari (New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, USA)

W06-06: Data Centric Modeling of Environmental Sensor Networks
Ram Dantu, Kaja Abbas, Marty O'Neill II, Armin Mikler (University of North Texas, USA)

W06-09: Scheduling for the Downlink in a CDMA Network with Imperfect Channel Estimation

Raymond Kwan, Cyril Leung (The University of British Columbia, Canada)

W06-10: Access Control, Code Allocation, and Adaptive Scheduling for UMTS TDD

Aawatif Menouni, Illia Racunica, Christian Bonnet (Eurecom Institut, France)

W06-07: A Dynamic Pricing Model for Data Services in GPRS Networks

Saravut Yaipairoj, Fotios C. Harmantzis (Stevens Institute of Technology, USA)

W06-11: An Optimal Online Strategy to Increment Connection Trees
Nicolas Thibault, Christian Laforest (Universit d'Evry, France)

W06-13: Online Ring Structure Adaptation for Mobile Wireless Computing
Li-Hsing Yen (Chung Hua University, R.O.C.); Kuang-Hui Chi (National Yunlin University of Science & Technology, R.O.C.)

W06-12: A Window-based Object Allocation and Replication Algorithm for Real-Time Distributed Database Systems in Mobile Computing Environment
Wujuan Lin, Bharadwaj Veeravalli (National University of Singapore, Singapore)

Rajarathnam Chandramouli, Stevens Institute of Technology
Sajal Dasi, University of Texas at Arlington

Technical Program Committee:
A. Bar-Noy, CUNY, USA
A.Bhattacharya, NMSU, USA
M. Bonuccelli, University of Pisa, Italy
T. Brown, U. of Colorado, USA
J. Evan, NSF, USA
A.Farago, U. of Texas at Dallas, USA
P. Flikkema, Northern Arizona University, USA
A. Kesselman, MPI, Germany
A. Misra, IBM T.J. Watson, USA
N. Mandayam, Rutgers University, USA
S.Panwar, Polytechnic University, USA
M.C. Pinotti, ISTI, Italy
S. Shankar, Philips Research, USA
R. Shorey, National U. of Singapore, Singapore
K.P. Subbalakshmi, Stevens Inst. of Tech., USA
R.N. Uma, U. of Texas at Dallas, USA
T. Znati, NSF, USA