Friday 3 December 2004 • 8:30 – 17:00 • Room: Reunion G
W07: Voice over IP: Challenges and Solutions

VoIP (Voice Over IP) is the technology for next generation networks supporting voice, video and multimedia services over Internet. New protocols and methods for signaling, QoS and traffic management are being defined. Recently there has been tremendous interest in the deployment of VoIP technology in the enterprises as well as residences. In contrast to PSTN, security and survivability have been great concerns for deployment of this technology in government agencies and service provider networks. In addition, support for Voice Over WLAN and mobility further complicates the security issues. Several challenges are facing this new technology for making it a reality. This workshop is designed to facilitate the exchange of key issues and solutions between researchers from Universities, Government Agencies, Service Providers and equipment manufacturers.

Keynote Speaker:
Colonel Gibson, DARPA, USA
Protecting the Telecom Infrastructure

Session 1: VoIP Overview
VoIP Architectures, Networks and Security Postures

Jasson Casey (Level(3) Communications, Dallas, Texas)
VoIP Standards and Open Issues
Pradeep Samudra (Samsung, Dallas, Texas)
Network Convergence: Security Themes and Issues
Anthony Meehan, Gavin Manes and Sujeet Shenoi,
(University of Tulsa, Tulsa, Oklahoma)
CALEA Architectures and Call Flows for VoIP Network
Sophia Scoggins, Chander Raja (Texas Instruments Incorporation, Dallas)

Session 2: Deploying VoIP in Data Networks
Deploying VoIP using Firewalls and Network Translation Devices (NATs)

Ed Luff (Newport Networks, Ottawa, Canada)
Enterprise VoIP Security
Sridhar Ramachandran (NexTone Communications, Gaithersburg, Maryland)
Securing Carrier VoIP Networks
Jim Hourihan (Acme Packet, Woburn, Massachusetts)
Perimeter Security for VoIP Service Providers
Jim Greeway (Kagoor Networks, San Mateo, California)
Domain-Based Routing and VoIP Communications
J. Shiva Shankar and O.T. Satyanarayanan (Cisco Systems, San Jose,

Session 3: Managing VoIP Security
Addressing Security Challenges of Mobility and Firewalls in VoIP Networks
Frank Le and Basavaraj Patil (Nokia, Irving, Texas)
VoIP Security via Network Management
Bogdan Materna (Yariba, Ottawa, Canada)
Trait-Based Authorization Mechanisms for SIP using SAML
Douglas Sicker, Jon Peterson and Hans Tschofenig
(University of Colorado, Boulder, Colorado)
Gateway Security for SIGTRAN's M3UA protocol in VoIP Networks
Hemant Sengar, Duminda Wijesekera and Sushil Jajodia

Invited Speaker:
Henning Schuzerine, Columbia University, USA
Securing VoWLAN

Session 4: Balancing VoIP Security and Performance
VoIP Security and Quality of Service (QoS): Can They Coexist?
N. Thanthry and Ravi Pendse (Wichita State University, Wichita, Kansas)
Impact of Network Intrusions on QoS
Dongwook Shin (Qovia, Frederick, Maryland)
Performance and Security Analysis of SIP using IPSec
Thomas Bowen, John Haluska, Panayiotis Thermos
and Steven Ungar (Telcordia Technologies, Redbank, New Jersey)

Session 5: Defending VoIP Networks
Detecting Spam in VoIP Networks
Ram Dantu and Prakash Kolan (University of North Texas, Denton, Texas)
Vulnerability Analysis and Security Architectures for IP Telephony
Brennen Reynolds and Dipak Ghosal, Felix Wu,
(University of California-Davis, Davis, California)
DoS Attacks on SIP Infrastructures
Dorgham Sisalem and Jiri Kuthan (Fraunhafer Fokus, Berlin, Germany)
and Gunter Schafer (Technical University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany)
Defending VoIP Networks from Distributed DoS (DDoS) Attacks
John Larson, Travis Dawson, Mark Evans, Jay Cee Straley,
(Sprint, Burlingame, California)

Panel Session: Securing Current and Future VoIP Networks
Chair: John Larson, Sprint Advanced Technology Labs, Manuel Vexler, IPCC
Participants: Cisco Systems, Qovia, Acme Packet, Newport Networks, Kagoor Networks, NexTone Communications, and Columbia University

Ram Dantu, University of North Texas, USA
Sujeet Shenoi, The University of Tulsa, USA

Tim Gibson, DARPA
Mike Frendo, Cisco
Panyoitis Thermox, Telcordia
Jasson Casey, Level3
Pradeep Samudra, Samsung
John Larson, Sprint
Manuel Vexler, IPCC