Monday 29 November 2004 • 8:30-17:00 • Room: Reunion B
W01: Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

In multi-hop wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, wireless mobile stations and electronic devices form a network without the intervention of a dedicated infrastructure. Such networks eradicate infrastructure deployment, setup, and administration costs. This Workshop is aimed at fostering advances in the field of wireless ad hoc and sensor networks, and is dedicated to researchers and practitioners to present their state-of-the-art research and development in this interesting field. The outcomes of this year's Workshop will stimulate and exhilarate the deployment of reliable, sustainable, and context-rich wireless ad hoc and sensor networks. Join this event and contribute to shaping the future of wireless communication networks.

W01-01: A Probabilistic Push–Pull Hybrid Scheduling Algorithm for Asymmetric Wireless Environment
Navrati Saxena (University of Trento, Italy), Cristina M. Pinotti (University of Perugia, Italy); Sajal K. Das (University of Texas at Arlington, USA)

W01-02: Fault Tolerant and Energy Efficient Routing for Sensor Networks
Sinem Coleri, Pravin Varaiya (University of California, Berkeley, USA)
W01-03: Energy-Aware Routing to a Mobile Gateway in Wireless Sensor Networks
Kemal Akkaya, Mohamed Younis (University of Maryland, USA)

W01-04: Minimum Energy Fault Tolerant Sensor Networks
Petar Djukic, Shahrokh Valaee (University of Toronto, Canada)

W01-05: A Dual-Channel MAC Protocol for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Hongqiang Zhai, Jianfeng Wang, Yuguang Fang, Dapeng Wu (University of Florida, USA)

W01-06: CSMAC: A Novel DS-CDMA based MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Bao Hua Liu, Huan Pham, Sanjay Jha (The University of New South Wales, Australia); Nirupama Bulusu (Oregon Health and Sciences University, USA)

W01-07: Wireless Multi-Hop CSMA/CA with Cross-Optimized PHY/MAC
A. Gkelias, M. Dohler, V. Friderikos, A. Hamid Aghvami (King’s College London, UK)

W01-08: An Energy-Efficient MAC Protocol in Multi-Rate and Multi-Range Infrastructure Wireless Networks
Jain-Shing Liu (Providence University, R.O.C.); Chun-Hung Richard Lin (National Sun Yat-Sen University, R.O.C.)

W01-09: A Priority-based QoS Routing Protocol with Zone Reservation and Adaptive Call Blocking for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks with Directional Antenna
Tetsuro Ueda, Shinsuke Tanaka (ATR Adaptive Communications Research Laboratories, Japan); Siuli Roy, Dola Saha, Somprakash Bandyopadhyay (Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta, India)

W01-10: A Cross-Layer Design for QoS Support in the 3GPP2 Wireless Systems
M. Bourouha, G. Ben Brahim, M. Guizani (Western Michigan University, USA); S. Ci (University of Michigan at Flint, USA)

W01-11: Congestion Control and Service Differentiation in Multihop Wireless Networks
Sebnem Z. Ozer, Surong Zeng, Casey Barker (Meshnetworks Inc., USA)

W01-12: Topology-Transparent Node Activation Scheduling Schemes for Multihop TDMA Ad Hoc Networks
Yi-Sheng Su, Szu-Lin Su, Jung-Shian Li (National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan)

W01-13: On the Problem of Unbalanced Load Distribution in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mark Perillo, Zhao Cheng, Wendi Heinzelman (University of Rochester, USA)

W01-14: A Reliable Routing Algorithm in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks Using Fuzzy Petri Net
Hao Ma, Zhigang Hu (Central South University, P. R. China);
Guojun Wang (Central South University, P. R. China; Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong)
W01-15: A Performance Comparison of Data Dissemination Protocols for Wireless Sensor Networks
Tatiana Bokareva, Sanjay Jha (The University of NSW, Australia; National ICT Australia Limited, Australia); Nirupama Bulusu (Oregon Health and Sciences University, USA; National ICT Australia Limited, Australia)

W01-16: Refined Statistic-based Localization for Ad Hoc Sensor Networks
Tom Parker, Koen Langendoen (Delft University of Technology, The Netherlands)

W01-17: Probabilistic Broadcasting Based on Coverage Area and Neighbor Confirmation in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Jae-soo Kim (Sangju National University, South Korea); Qi Zhang, Dharma P. Agrawal (University of Cincinnati, USA)

W01-18: The Effect of Time Synchronization Errors on the Performance of Cooperative MIMO Systems
Sumanth Jagannathan, Hamid Aghajan, Andrea Goldsmith (Stanford University, USA)

W01-19: The Deafness Problems and Solutions in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks Using Directional Antennas
Hrishikesh Gossain, Dave Cavalcanti, Dharma P. Agrawal (University of Cincinnati, USA); Carlos Cordeiro (Nokia Research Center, Finland)

W01-20: A Study on Mobility-Capacity-Delay Trade-Off in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Renato M. de Moraes, Hamid R. Sadjadpour, J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves (University of California at Santa Cruz, USA)

W01-21: On Next Generation CDMA Technology for Future Wireless Networking
Hsiao-Hwa Chen (National Sun Yat-Sen University, Taiwan)

W01-22: A Novel Framework for Cross-Layer Design in Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks
Ahmed M. Safwat (Queen’s University, Canada)

W01-23: Anonymity Enabling Scheme for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Azzedine Boukerche, Li Xu (University of Ottawa, Canada); Khalil El-Khatib (National Research Council, Canada; University of Ottawa, Canada); Larry Korba (National Research Council, Canada)

W01-24: SEEHOC: Scalable and Robust End-to-End Header Compression Techniques for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
Maher Kaddoura, Steven Schneider (Architecture Technology Corporation, USA)

W01-25: Improving Broadcast Operations in Ad Hoc Networks Using Two-Hop Connected Dominating Sets
Marco Aurélio Spohn, J. J. Garcia-Luna-Aceves (University of California at Santa Cruz, USA)

Ahmed M. Safwat, Queen's University, Canada
Mohsen Guizani, Western Michigan University, USA

Technical Program Committee:
Mosa Aburgheff, University of Plymouth, UK
Mohamed Ahmed, Memorial University, Canada
Sonia Aissa, University of Quebec, INRS-Telecommunications, Canada
Huseyin Arslan, University of South Florida, USA
Chadi Assi, Concordia University, Canada
Azzedine Boukerche, University of Ottawa, Canada
Song Ci, University of Michigan - Flint, USA
Mischa Dohler, Kings College London, UK
Howard Feil, The Aerospace Corporation, USA
Jose-Esteban Garcia, University of Hannover, Germany
Ozgur Gurbuz, Sabanci University, Turkey
Ashfaq Khokhar, University of Illinois and Chicago, USA
Bhaskar Krishnamachari, University of Southern California, USA
Tim Leinmüller, DaimlerChrysler-AG Research and Technology, Germany
Christian Maihöfer, DaimlerChrysler-AG Research and Technology, Germany
Gregory Mitchell, The Aerospace Corporation, USA
Hussein Mouftah, University of Ottawa, Canada
Sebnem Ozer, MeshNetworks Inc., USA
Hamid Sadjadpour, University of California, Santa Cruz, USA
Oguz Sunay, Koc University, Turkey
Yang Xiao, University of Memphis, USA
Alec Yasinsac, Florida State University, USA
Mohamed Younis, University of Maryland - Baltimore County, USA