The conference is sponsored by the IEEE Communication Society and the Dallas IEEE Section. The Dallas area is a major center for the global telecommunications industry and serves as home to many of the largest corporations and also a large number of smaller firms in this industry.
Dallas has a rich history of hosting previous ComSoc meetings including Globecom '89 and ICC '96. These meetings were some of the most successful for ComSoc and we look forward again to having an outstanding meeting in 2004.

The theme of Globecom 2004 "Emerging Technologies Applications and Services" characterizes the continuing pervasiveness of telecommunications in all aspects of global society, industry, and government.

Greetings from General Chair
Rajiv R Shah, Alcatel, USA

"The Executive Committee for the 2004 Global Telecommunications Conference has been working for several years to create a total technical and cultural experience for you deep in the heart of Texas.
At the core of Globecom 2004 is a fabulous technical program ..."

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Letter of Welcome from
Rick Perry, Governor State of Texas, USA

"Thank you for holding the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2004 Global Communications Conference in Dallas.  
Our great state also extends a special welcome to the visitors in attendance."

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Globecom 2004 Highlights

Globecom 2004 Luncheon Panels

Presentations from the Luncheon Panels that were held at Globecom 2004 will be posted as they are received. 

The Future of Telecom R&D
Organizer & Moderator:
Robert W. Lucky
, Retired CTO, Telcordia
Fred Chang, Department of Computer Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin
Jeff Jaffe, President Bell Labs Research and Advanced Technologies for Lucent Technologies
Niel Ransom, Chief Technology Officer, Alcatel

The Recovery of the Telecom Business
Organizer & Moderator:
Rajiv R. Shah, Vice President of Research & Network Strategy, Alcatel
Adam T. Drobot, Corporate Vice President, Applied Research, Telcordia Technologies, USA
David Perkins, Senior Vice President, Networking & Computing Systems Group, Freescale Semiconductor, USA
Sanghoon Lee, Executive Vice President. Korea Telecom, Korea
Steven Gray, Vice President and Head of Nokia Research Center US, Nokia, USA